Elsewhere: Batman and Robin


Craig Johnson is to Eliot Spitzer what Robin is to Batman.

Newsday has 123 pages of people chatting about “the gap between the train and the platform” at LIRR stations.

Already, there’s some fluctuation in the list of comptroller candidates.

Notes on the infighting at some Brooklyn political clubs are here.

At a real estate dinner last night, Joe Bruno shared a crowded stage with Bill Thompson, Melinda Katz, Leroy Comrie, James Oddo and others.

SurveyUSA has head-to-head numbers on Barack Obama against Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Former Congressman Bob Ney is going to jail.

Hotline has highlights from Terry McAuliffe’s new book.

Andrew Sullivan and Charles Krauthammer have the same strategy for Iraq.

How much is ImpeachBush.com worth to you?

And pictured above is Eliot Spitzer, who was clearly relishing his photo exhibit at Grand Central Terminal.

— Azi Paybarah
Elsewhere: Batman and Robin