Elsewhere: Biden, Spitzer


Hillary Clinton said that compromise should be “a goal — not a dirty word.

And she hired another spokesperson.

John Edwards got hawkish on Iran.

If you enjoyed the Biden stories today, check out the YouTube clips Errol Louis has.

“N.Y. Gov. Spitzer stands by ‘steamroller’ boast” is the headline in Reuters.

The temporary commission which employees George Pataki’s former top aide, is getting shut down, says Coop.

The All-Star Game is coming to Yankee Stadium.

Nominations for city transportation commissioner can be sent to Aaron Naparstek, who is already gathering names.

Chuck Bennett has an email about the Toussaint Tax.

Matt Schuerman explains why the city parks commissioner thinks the city council may want to shoot him one day.

Someone in California has a Virginia Fields-esque problem with photoshop.

Larry Littlefield previewed Eliot Spitzer’s budget, saying, “If it is possible to see in a single large table how much is being spent on what for whom, and who is paying for under what assumptions, that itself will be a reform.”

In the ongoing feud category, EnWhySeaWonk and Rock Hackshaw almost met last night. (Says Rock: “I am no Neanderthal.”)

And above is a t-shirt inspired by Eliot Spitzer and unearthed by Liz Benjamin.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Biden, Spitzer