Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Weld, Colbert


The first television ad in the state Senate’s special election is here.

An anti-Atlantic Yards group lost its $100,000 funding.

Former AG candidate Sean Patrick Maloney is going to work for Eliot Spitzer.

Presidential candidates are being asked not to push for more fuel efficiency standards for cars.

Greg Sargent and Joe Klein are having a pretty riveting discussion about the varying motives of people who oppose sending more troops to Iraq.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chair Joe Lieberman said he’ll help Mike Bloomberg get more anti-terrorism funding for NYC.

Other Senators were simply gushing after Mike Bloomberg testified in Washington this morning.

Liza Sabater explains why I found a John McCain ad on her website.

Stephen Colbert and Bill O’Reilly will come face-to-face on January 18. Watching parties are already being organized.

Mark McGuire failed to get into the baseball Hall of Fame.

And pictured above is Bill Weld, who said thank you to Rudy Giuliani by backing a rival candidate for president.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Weld, Colbert