Elsewhere: Comptroller News, Bob Marley


Richard Brodsky said if he becomes comptroller, he won’t take money from people doing business with the state.

According to this site, the comptroller’s office reviewed more than 40,000 contracts.

Joe Morelle resigned as chairman of the Monroe County Democratic organization.

Tom Suozzi said he’s not interested in the job, and that he’s supporting Tom DiNapoli.

The Brennan Center doesn’t support any candidate for comptroller. Period.

Ryan Sager says that Denver was a smart choice for a convention.

Greg Sargent takes issue with Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that until recently, many Democrats supported sending more troops to Iraq.

Mitt Romney hired someone who once worked at the National Republican Congressional Campaign.

Ariel Sharon reportedly called Saddam Hussein an “acute threat” and told George Bush in 2003 not to occupy Iraq.

Christopher Dodd makes the case for his presidential candidacy on RNN.

And pictured above is a flier from a candidate in the Brooklyn race to succeed Yvette Clarke, who lists among his accomplishments the renaming of a street after Bob Marley.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Comptroller News, Bob Marley