Elsewhere: Hillary, Bloomberg, Pfizer


A Cook Political Report/RT Strategies poll shows 25 percent of people in favor of sending more troops sent to Iraq. That same poll shows John McCain, who supports the surge, leading Hillary Clinton by six points. Discuss.

DMIblog has a lengthy look at Hillary’s immigration policy.

Mike Bloomberg could still jump into the 2008 race in a few months, says Ben. (Speaking of whom, check out the paper under Bloomberg’s arm.)

Bloomberg said that it’s possible to crack down on illegal guns and respect gun owners’ rights.

Ethics reform is stalled in Albany because of, what else, scheduling conflicts.

Coop makes an interesting sighting.

Ads to raise awareness about Dafur will be on the subways soon.

Harry Siegel reflects on pre-Katrina problems with New Orleans the Times’ coverage thereof.

Joel Klein in 2009? He didn’t say no.

Chris Cillizza wonders what tonight’s SOTU catchphrase will be.

John Edwards will have a full-page ad in Roll Call tomorrow.

Pfizer will lay off workers in Brooklyn, where the company was founded, but workers in Connecticut will be spared.

Someone is trying to unload a 7-foot long Ehud Barak poster. For free.

And above is Hillary with a candidate who is being sued over Family Values.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Bloomberg, Pfizer