Elsewhere: Hillary, Newtown Creek, Widget!


Hillary Clinton is doing well with Jewish donors.

Openly gay Manhattan Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell hasn’t signed onto a bill supporting gay marriage.

On slavery and Atlantic Yards, Errol Louis writes:

“I seriously doubt the sincerity of critics, including the Brooklyn Paper and Councilwoman Tish James, who have proved unable to stop the project and are now simply gathering rhetorical stones to throw at the bulldozers.”

The new man in charge of the Port Authority is unsure if he wants to take over the pier in Red Hook.

Barack Obama won over key fund-raiser Orin Kramer, and is somehow still dogged by that Muslim story.

Richard Perle defended Judy Miller.

A new poll of 800 likely votes shows Bill Richardson doing pretty well against Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.

Pictured above is outspoken Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz with an investigator from Riverkeeper at a press conference today announcing additional claims in a lawsuit against ExxonMobil.

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— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Newtown Creek, Widget!