Elsewhere: Hillary, Rudy, Eliot


Howard Wolfson finds Republican attacks on Hillary Clinton’s vote on Iraq “funny.”

Jimmy Siegel is going to do ads for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary will be busy making television appearances before the president’s state of the union speech tomorrow night.

Rudy Giuliani hired George Bush’s 2004 webmaster, Patrick Ruffini.

A new CNN poll has Rudy Giuliani leading John McCain.

Harry Siegel reviewed Mike Bloomberg’s state of the city speech and concluded that he was “divorced from reality.”

Hospitals and health care workers negotiated a new labor contract 15 months early, ahead of what is expected to be a tough fight over hospital closings.

Spitzer is also backing a measure to loosen financial reporting requirements for companies.

Andrew Cuomo has a new procedure for applying for legislative pork.

State Senate candidate Maureen O’Connell is putting some distance between herself and the Republicans, saying she’ll support Eliot Spitzer’s reform agenda and endorsing Tom DiNapoli for comptroller.

And above is a picture from the a gallery of 2004 Republican National Convention photos which Karol Sheinin just put up over here.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Rudy, Eliot