Elsewhere: Hillary, Silverstein, Spitzer


Hillary Clinton spoke to Wall Street leaders at Jesse Jackson’s conference today.

Not everyone in the legislature is honoring Eliot Spitzer’s self-imposed ban on fund-raisers in the capitol.

Ben wonders if Eliot Spitzer set expectations too high.

The city’s top lawyer went to Albany to argue against open primaries in judicial races.

The Working Families Party wonders which politician is next to go topless.

Larry Silverstein wants to build low-income rentals on 42nd Street.

A candidate for Yvette Clarke’s City Council seat in Brooklyn wants the city to do more about 421-a housing.

For the first time ever, a majority of people in Utah don’t support the war in Iraq.

Howard Kurtz wonders if John Edwards is candid or super-scripted.

Oliver North contradicts Joe Lieberman on Iraq, according to Greg Sargent.

And pictured above are three men (and associates) in a room.

–Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Silverstein, Spitzer