Elsewhere: Kissing the Ring


H. Carl McCall was going to be the finance chair for the Senate Democrats, but things went awry.

A Brooklyn rivalry seems to be on the mend.

Jose Serrano blogs about the fight in his chamber over rules changes.

Former Assemblyman Ryan Karben is doing some pro bono work.

The Supreme Court won’t revisit the landmark Kelo case that outlined the use of eminent domain.

TNR weighs in on Rahm Emanuel’s Hillary-Obama dilemma.

John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani look good in Iowa.

The Village Voice has fun with the notion of a British bank getting naming rights for a basketball stadium in Brooklyn.

And pictured above is Councilman Domenic Recchia, who jokingly tried to kiss the proverbial ring of colleague Simcha Felder after the mayor’s State of the City speech.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Kissing the Ring