Elsewhere: Maloney Purges, Rudy Surges, O’Connell Airs

Ben notices an Orwellian purge from the campaign website of Sean Maloney.

Rudy Giuliani will hire more fund-raisers and key staffers in early primary states in an effort to prove he’s really running.

Andrew Sullivan wonders if Barack Obama has a James Frey problem.

Sheldon Silver will be attending the February 11 event hosted by a social service organization that received $3.4 million in state funds over the last three years.

Jerry Skurnik remembers another time when a governor appointed a state senator from an opposing party to a cushy state job.

Craig Johnson is a having a fund-raiser with bloggers.

A Democratic lawmaker in Erie County is running for re-election after pleading guilty to tax fraud.

Did Jeanine Pirro’s former secretary testify in front of a grand jury?

The Village Voice didn’t hear much about Mayor Bloomberg’s poverty plans in his state of the city speech yesterday.

DMI has a map showing that hospital closings in New York City tend to happen minority communities.

The Forward looks at how the mayor of Kiryas Joel helped elect Rep. John Hall.

A blogger turns to Billy Martin to explain why he’s not getting linked more often.

And above is a commercial for Republican Maureen O’Connell featuring the wife of the Republican state senator whose departure to Spitzerland created the vacancy.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Maloney Purges, Rudy Surges, O’Connell Airs