Elsewhere: O’Connell, MLK


Jerry Skurnik includes some facts about the selection of judges which he said the Times missed in their recent editorial.

Liz Benjamin looks at some new rules the state Senate may vote on tomorrow.

Spin Cycle has more on these numbers that Maureen O’Connell produced when she ran for a countywide position in 2005.

Her first mailing is here.

While in Delaware recently, Rudy Giuliani said, “I think the biggest question you have to ask is, ‘Can you really lead the country?’ If I believe that I can do it, then I will, and if I don’t, then I’ll support somebody else.”

Here’s some more chatter about whether Barack Obama will announce his presidential candidacy on Oprah.

The head of the New York State Bar Association, Mark Alcott, said the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs is “not fit for office.”

Mass transit in the U.S. could save 1.4 billion gallons of oil a year.

Greg Sargent is moving his eye-on-the-media blog over to Josh Marshall’s site.

And pictured above are some people listening to speeches at Al Sharpton’s MLK celebration on West 145th Street.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: O’Connell, MLK