Elsewhere: Pelosi, McCain, Clinton


Liz notes that one of John Faso’s colleagues is among Eliot Spitzer’s latest appointments.

Rudy Giuliani hired Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former director of communications, and two other people.

Maureen O’Connell will run for Michael Balboni’s state Senate seat.

Chuck Bennett wonders why nobody from the MTA was in City Hall to honor the Subway Superhero.

The Caucus has a great picture of Dick Cheney swearing in Hillary Clinton, with Bill looking on happily.

Barack Obama doesn’t just want to change the players, but the whole game.

Jeffrey Skilling’s lawyer told the Wall Street Journal he’s optimistic about appealing his client’s convictions.

New York magazine tweaks the New Yorker for not knowing when the mayor’s term is up.

An outsider wonders if a longtime insider like Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long is really calling for change in Albany.

A White House reporter blogs about his weight loss.

And pictured above is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who will change Congress in 100 hours, and change the Speaker’s official website sometime soon. (We’re still waiting.)

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Pelosi, McCain, Clinton