Elsewhere: Reform and Art


Ceasar Borja, Jr., whose father died while he was in DC attending the SOTU speech with Hillary Clinton, now wants to meet with the president.

Mayor Bloomberg and the current Ground Zero memorial plan are attacked in TV ad airing tonight.

Christine Quinn and Bloomberg announced a plan to fund cultural institutions, something Bloomberg did himself when Giff Miller was around.

Tom Elliot wonders what else the City Council will try to ban.

The Columbia Spectator thinks the council’s push for increased safety at night clubs will only lead to less underage drinking.

The ethics reforms announced in Albany today got a mixed response.

The muckraking Albany Project is skeptical too.

Craig Johnson had a press conference today with one reporter.

Eliot Spitzer took a wait-and-see approach when asked about allegations involving staffer Carl Andrews.

ReformNY said the state senate’s rule changes last week were meager.

Dick Cheney talked about his gay daughter’s pregnancy but not his former chief of staff’s trial.

This poll shows that that Hillary’s lead over the 2008 Democratic field increases if Barack Obama or John Edwards drops out. If she’s out of the field, Obama leads Edwards by about 6 points.

Ben has a link to a new anti-Hillary ad from former NY Rep. John LeBoutillier’s PAC.

Dan Gerstein has five questions that Hillary probably won’t get around to answering during her last on-line chat tonight.

Anthony Weiner had the best seat in the house last night

And pictured above the funky art gallery where Dan Garodnick is having a fund-raiser tonight.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Reform and Art