Elsewhere: Spitzer, Obama, Edwards

City council candidates answer questions about police brutality (bad), affordable housing (more, more) and Iraq (boo!).

Eliot Spitzer created the new position of Education Czar.

The Daily News’ publisher is pissed off about getting calls on his cell phone about Rudy Giuliani.

Harry Siegel explores a Libertarian traffic plan. (Insert joke here).

John DeSio reflects on the bad things Efrain Gonzalez’s ex-wife is saying about her former husband.

The city comptroller collected $5 million in back wages for underpaid workers.

The attorney general has a major settlement against advertisers who use adware.

African-Americans are safer in prison than in their own neighborhoods. The opposite is true for whites.

Is Barack Obama the Tiger Woods of politics?

The Independence Party is wired. Literally.

And John Edwards reveals the secrets of politician-hair.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Spitzer, Obama, Edwards