Elsewhere: Spitzer, Schumer, Nader


Eliot Spitzer has a message for Shelly Silver: pick a comptroller “from among the three.”

Errol Cockfield gets his hands on NARAL’s lit, which says that Republican Maureen O’Connell’s stances “changes with the weather.”

Chuck Schumer’s book got a nice review from Michiko Kakutani, who Norman Mailer swears “disdains white male authors.”

Ralph Nader is unimpressed with the Internet. “I don’t think the electronic media is very motivating for people to really act.”

Chris Cillizza plays the expectations game (already!) with Hillary Clinton in Iowa. “She doesn’t need to leapfrog Edwards, but she does need to show movement.”

Kerry Eleveld gets an earful from comptroller candidate Martha Stark about social investment.

The Brooklyn Paper editor in chief responds, politely, to Errol Louis. [Response in the comment section, at the 1:42 mark]

And above is my month-old photo of a happy Roberto Ramirez.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Spitzer, Schumer, Nader