[em]Haute Living[/em] Gets Starry-Eyed: Foxx! Limbaugh! The Hogans!!


Just because Haute Living has launched a New York-based spin-off doesn’t mean the magazine has forgotten its bleached Floridian roots.

So in a morning email (mysteriously titled “RE: Dolly Lenz in Haute Living Feature”), The Real Estate learned that our favorite mega-haute mag is helping to host a sunny Super Bowl fete:

Attorney Roy Black and wife Lea will be hosting an exclusive, private celebrity party on Star Island on Thursday, February 1 thanking the previous major donors and sponsors of the Bay Point Gala 2006. Sponsored by Rolls-Royce and Haute Living Magazine, Bay Point and Forge heavyweight Antonio Misuraca is securing a hefty list of athletes and celebs including: Jim Brown, Oscar de la Hoya, Gloria Estefan, Marshall Faulk, Jaime Foxx, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Lennox Lewis, Rush Limbaugh, Hulk Hogan and family, Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O’ Neal, Mike Piazza, Scottie Pippen, Jeremy Piven, DB Sweeney and the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. For inquires regarding charity donations to Bay Point Schools and the opportunity to attend, email [Redacted]@hotmail.com.

Jeremy Piven plus Rush Limbaugh? Heaven. And maybe Ms. Lenz will be there to chat up the Hulkster [above].

Max Abelson

[em]Haute Living[/em] Gets Starry-Eyed: Foxx! Limbaugh! The Hogans!!