Events for January 30, 2007

The City Council will hold a hearing on the City’s failure to implement its emergency subway communication plan.

Activists are set to protest what they call a landlord’s harassment of two lesbian tenants in Brooklyn.

The New Black Panther Party will rally against the police shooting of Sean Bell at the Queens Courthouse.

New York University will hold a panel discussion on “Global Warming and Human Health: Moving Beyond Rhetoric and Toward Solutions” in the Woolworth Building.

Harper’s Magazine will host a lecture on “Reporting On Religion: How Faith Gets Covered” at the Small Press Center.

Rent-stabilized tenants will file a lawsuit against Nassau County landlords to stop them from collecting what they call “invalid rent hikes” at the Nassau County Supreme Court Building.

Quinnipiac University releases its latest poll of Ohio voters, asking their opinions about 2008 presidential hopefuls.

Brooklyn’s Deputy Borough President, Yvonne Graham, will host city religious leaders and disaster-readiness professionals to announce a new tool in the campaign to ensure New York City’s emergency preparedness.

—Nicole Brydson Events for January 30, 2007