For Deb-In-Chief, a Slot at 'Teen Vogue'

At the 52nd International debutante ball, The Transom spent some quality time with Ashley Walker Bush. Her plans include an internship at Teen Vogue this summer. So was she interested in becoming a journalist?

hastings and placekYoung Ms. Bush saw right through us! “I’m interning at Teen Vogue, so that’s probably why you’re asking me that. But it’s just an awesome magazine and I love fashion. So possibly journalism, but I really love acting, but I don’t know. It’s such a hard life style,” she said.

Ms. Bush, in fact, spent a good deal of time at the ball with her editor-to-be at Teen Vogue, Kimball Hastings, who was there by no coincidence. Mr. Hastings had but one escort of his own—the dashing photographer Matthu Placek, who wore a daring un-buttoned collar and robust facial hair.

Ms. Bush will apparently be working hard for the tiny but mighty magazine. “I’m totally going to whip her,” Mr. Hastings said. They both laughed.
—Spencer Morgan For Deb-In-Chief, a Slot at 'Teen Vogue'