FP Establishment Likes Hillary on Iraq

Hillary Clinton’s recent proclamations on Iraq — calling for caps on troops levels, but not advocating cutting funds for the war — may not have gone far enough to satisfy the Democrat’s out-of-Iraq base, but they seems to have met with approval from the foreign policy establishment.

“Democrats and a number of moderate Republicans are looking for a way to coral Bush because they fear the guy is out of control – that is his new strategy isn’t new and that he is going, at great cost to the country, turn the problem over to the next president,” said Les Gelb, the former president of the Council of Foreign Relations. “They are looking for a way to cap this all, that’s not unreasonable at all. This to me it is better than passing legislation cutting off funding. It’s not political feasible and it’s the wrong thing to do when you have soldiers in the field.”

Clinton has said she will not cut funding to American troops, which will inoculate from at least one of the lines of attack that sunk John Kerry in 2004. But it also endears her to the more muscular wing of the multilateralist, Bush-skeptic foreign policy establishment.

“I’d characterize her as being almost 100 percent critical of how Bush is handling it, against a timetable, but for a troop reduction and diplomacy.”

— Jason Horowitz

FP Establishment Likes Hillary on Iraq