Giuliani Joins McCain

John McCain’s position of supporting the president’s troop increase in Iraq isn’t a lonely position anymore. In a statement put out by his spokeswoman after the president’s speech last night, Rudy Giuliani said he supports boosting troop levels too.

He also puts his personal stamp on the escalation proposal by demanding a quick and immediate analysis of the situation that sounds vaguely like a militarized CompStat.

“I would add to it a heavy emphasis on measuring results and having the flexibility of adapting our strategy to make certain we restore security as quickly as possible,” Giuliani said.

His statement, and for purposes of comparison, Hillary Clinton’s, are after the jump.

— Azi Paybarah

Rudy Giuliani on President Bush’s Iraq Speech

“Success or failure in Iraq is not a matter of partisan politics but a matter of national security. All Americans should be hoping, praying and offering constructive advice for success of our troops in Iraq and for those Iraqis seeking to create a stable and decent government. In that spirit, I support the President’s increase in troops. Even more importantly – I support the change in strategy – the focus on security and the emphasis on a political and economic solution as being even more important than a military solution.

“I would add to it a heavy emphasis on measuring results and having the flexibility of adapting our strategy to make certain we restore security as quickly as possible.

“We must not wait for a year or more to measure the success of our strategy but must develop a system to do so monthly, weekly, even daily so we give our troops the necessary support to succeed.”

Hillary Clinton on President Bush’s Iraq Speech:

“Based on the President’s speech tonight, I cannot support his proposed escalation of the war in Iraq.

“The President’s Iraq policy has been marred by incompetence and arrogance as his Administration has refused to recognize the military and political reality on the ground. American troops continue to serve and sacrifice in Iraq, performing magnificently and bravely. But as our commanders have said repeatedly, Iraq requires a political solution, not a purely military one, and we did not hear such a proposed solution tonight.

“The President simply has not gotten the message sent loudly and clearly by the American people, that we desperately need a new course. The President has not offered a new direction, instead he will continue to take us down the wrong road – only faster. The President’s speech failed to adequately address the political situation in Iraq, rising sectarian violence, mounting strain on our military, growing Iranian influence, and festering divides over how to distribute oil revenues.

“As I have said, as the American people have demanded, and as the facts on the ground require, we need a new course and an end to the current failed policy. I continue to urge a strategy that places pressure on the Iraqi government to resolve the political crisis through phased redeployment of U.S. troops, establishes an Iraqi Oil Trust to end the stalemate over oil, and pursues an aggressive diplomatic strategy including an international conference of the regional parties to further the task of Iraq’s stability.”

Giuliani Joins McCain