Great design — way before the iPod

Most of the stuff we cover here is, of course, highly affordable, so we didn’t immediately think VSL! when we saw the four- and five-figure price tags on each piece in the Black Edition, a very cool new series of limited-edition furniture. We’re pointing you toward the pieces not so much as stuff to buy, however, but simply as beautiful, rediscovered works of high design — just about the coolest things we spotted at the recent Art Basel Miami show.

The Cloud Shelf, the Molar Dining Table, the Big Table, and the Swivel Coffee Table were all created by the design demigod Wendell Castle from 1968 to 1973 during his plastics-happy experimental phase. (The new editions use molds mothballed for three decades.)

In other words, way before plastic was ubiquitous and everything got all sexy and curvy in the Macintosh-iPod era, Castle was making groovy, space-agey furniture that foretold the future of American design.

“>VIEW more Wendell Castle designs (VSL subscribers interested in the Black Edition can find out more about the pieces by contacting Castle’s New York gallery HERE)

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Great design —  <i>way</i> before the iPod