Hillary v Barack in the 40th Council District

So, how do candidates running in a non-partisan special election feel about non-partisan elections?

At a crowded forum on Cortelyou Road last night, I threw that question to a few of the candidates running in the 40th District who are Democrats, but who have had to create new party lines this year on which to run.

Leithland Tulloch (Visionary Party) said he supports non-partisan elections for special elections, but not for general elections. And Gerry Hopkins (Coalition of Concerned Residents of Brooklyn Party) said he supports the idea of non-partisan elections with no conditions.

On the other side, Harry Schiffman (Neighborhood First Party) opposes non-partisan elections as does Jesse Hamilton (Family Values and Money Matters Party), who noted that he just won election last year as a Democratic district leader. Moe Razvi (Your Voice Party) said party designations can “align” like-inded candidates and voters, while

Moderator Ben Smith moved the conversation into a broader topic by asking the candidates to choose between Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

“For what?” Razvi jokingly answered, before settling on Hillary. Hamilton also went with Hillary.

Tulloch and Hopkins chose Obama.

Schiffman said “duck” and declined to answer.

(Candidates were sort of in and out of the forum throughout the night, so not all of them were around to answer the questions.)

Also making a much celebrated appearance at the forum…Rock Hackshaw, who should have some more on this race later today.

— Azi Paybarah

Hillary v Barack in the 40th Council District