Hustle and Flow with Clarence Norman


As Clarence Norman’s fourth trial gets underway — this one for allegedly selling judgeships in Brooklyn — I came across an recent back-issue of Hitz magazine that features a page-long interview with the former Brooklyn lawmaker.

The kind-of-poignant end quote: “God forgives but life does not.”

Here’s more from the interview:

What are some of the difficulties you have experienced?

I have been through a lot during my career of politics from losing my first race, to rising in the world of politics, to being in the news recently and having charges brought against me. The matters are being appealed in court and my family and I are confident that I will be exonerated.

How has this affected you and your family?

Well, it’s very hard but my family is strong. You have to have faith. I know that the enemy tries to push you down and the further they push you the higher you can bounce back. I am confident that I will win the appeal abut above all I know that I have achieved goals and helped people while in politics. I’ve moved on to find other ways to help the community.

What is your message to the young people?

I want students to know that education is needed to become a good politician. The people need a well educated person to represent them. Get involved with the community and represent for your people, all people. Know that decisions you make now impacts you in the future. God forgives but life does not.

— Azi Paybarah

Hustle and Flow with Clarence Norman