If a 2009 Candidate Flirts, And No One Notices

Not sure how I missed this the other day, but much rumored 2009 mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is throwing his hat in the ring…according to the Daily News gossip page.

Here’s the piece [second item]:

John Catsimatidis, a longtime supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, knows he wants to run for mayor but hasn’t decided whether to run as a Democrat or Republican. “I was a Republican in the 1980s, but I love Bill Clinton and he won me over. He’s the smartest guy I know.” The supermarket magnate and chairman of Red Apple Group, Inc., added: “I’ll probably use 90% of my own money, and I estimate it will cost $30 million.” The activist mogul thinks Mayor Bloomberg has done a great job, but “we still have a ways to go with the schools and other areas. I love New York. This is a great city, and we can’t let it get into the wrong hands.”

Describing how much of your personal fortune you’ll spend on the race is, at this early stage, pretty close to a confirmation. Catsimatidis, who made his money in the supermarket business, and would be the candidate most compared to Bloomberg…unless another rich guy gets into the race.

Then again, the fact that this made absolutely no ripples in political circles around here may be an ever louder statement.

I called Catsimatidis at his Manhattan office to see if he indeed was running, but was told he’s out at lunch. No doubtedly with some consultants!
— Azi Paybarah If a 2009 Candidate Flirts, And No One Notices