Mamet in 91 seconds

Two David Mamets walk into a bar . . .

Whaddaya want, a joke? We don’t have that, but we do have a funny 91-second video that neatly encapsulates absurd, tough-talking, testosterone-drenched David Mamet dialogue at its best (or worst).

It’s a clever, acute short-form film that puts to shame many a long-form Hollywood feature. It was written and directed by Alex Rose, who’s previously done shorts for HBO and Comedy Central.

You can find David and Mamet and other great little hard-to-find, well-made short films and videos at the “Screening Room” within, online home of the erratically published DVD magazine Wholphin — the McSweeney’s sister project that happens to have a new issue, its third, hitting bookstores on January 23 (though you can buy it right now online via the link below).

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