Moses: “We Shall Be Forgiven”

For those who cannot wait until the Robert Moses retrospective opens next week, The Bridge and Tunnel Club has reproduced the 23-page rebuttal that The Power Broker himself wrote in 1974, when The Power Broker and excerpts from it in The New Yorker first came out:

Here and there in the Profiles there are broad hints that my associates and I were not always ultra refined in our actions. They say on occasion we quietly after hours smoothed the paths for our parkways. They insinuate that old trees were whisked away by ingenious stump pullers to allay the apprehensions of nervous environmentalists. […]

As the city folk ride into the open country, we shall, I trust, be forgiven. The original railroad builders too were in a sense fuel merchants and chopped down some spindly woods to stoke their engines.

For more, including Moses’ prediction that he doubted “many well-heeled readers will fork out $17.95, plus sachet, to read the unexpurgated Caro” (Robert Caro’s tome has sold 315,000 copies so far), go to the cyber version on The Bridge and Tunnel Club’s site.

For The Observer’s piece this week on the exhibit, go here.


Matthew Schuerman Moses: “We Shall Be Forgiven”