Nassau Money

Here are some numbers from the state senate race on Long Island that has become an important proxy battle for the senate Republicans, Eliot Spitzer and the most politically powerful union in the state.

Republican Maureen O’Connell raised a total of $800,585.99, of which her campaign spent $548,953.88. She has $268,514.06 left in the bank.

Democrat Craig Johnson has raised $352,351.03, spent $415,814.98 and has $148,381.60 left in the bank.

On the Republican side, a lot of the money is coming in from the Republican state Senate Campaign Committee, which gave $350,000 to O’Connell.

And who gave to the RSCC before it all went to O’Connell?

Republican Senate Campaign Committee recent donations include $100,000 from Joe Bruno, $84,400 from 1199 SEIU PAC and
$84,400 from Empire Dental PAC.

Criag Johnson’s list of donors contains a couple of noteworthy names, too:

He got $8,500 from George Soros and $8,500 from Bernard Spitzer.

Liz Benjamin has more on the money story here and here.

— Azi Paybarah Nassau Money