New York and the Internet

The day Steve Jobs announces the release of yet another breakthrough mobile wireless gadget that everyone is going to own within a year, it seems reasonable to look at New York City’s wireless internet structure — or lack of it.

The new iPhone lets callers surf the net, access iTunes, and do other fun Internet stuff. In political terms, it may also be the gadget the pushes the issue of city- or region-wide access to wifi technology.

If my understanding is correct, the Apple iPhone will work wherever there’s cell phone reception, but it really designed to get up to full revs when it’s in wifi range.

The Economic Development Corporation is still conducting a feasibility study about whether or not to build a wifi system for the city, something that is already in place in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Albany.

New York City is currently moving to create a wifi system, but it would for use only by the fire and police department.

As internet activist Andrew Raisej likes to say, “We’re leading in Broadway, but not with broadband.”

In other net news, Hillary Clinton released a statement reaffirming her dedication to Net Neutrality.

In an aptly timed statement, she said, “It is clear that we must continue to build on the innovations brought forth by the Internet. This means ensuring more affordable broadband access and ensuring that there continues to be open, unimpaired and unencumbered Internet access for both its users and content providers.”

— Azi Paybarah New York and the Internet