Next for Al Gore…

By the end of the week, Al Gore will have finished training the last of a thousand “Climate Project” volunteers, who will be charged with spreading the word about the bleaker aspects of 70-degree January days.

According to Gore’s office, the former vice president has been busy indoctrinating said volunteers for more than ten hours a day, and will now, at last, be free to do… other things.

No, says his office, not that — despite the latest speculation.

On Thursday, Gore plans to fly to Tokyo to stroll down the red carpet for the opening of An Inconvenient Truth. After that he is off to Scotland, Denmark and England to do more movie promotion. (London, it turns out, will also be the headquarters for the European branch of Gore’s growing volunteer network.)

And then, without so much as a breather, Gore will begin promoting his next book, “The Assault on Reason,” which is scheduled to hit stores in May.

Sounds like he’s campaigning for something, anyway.

–Jason Horowitz

UPDATE: From Gore’s spokesperson Kalee Kreider, the following:

“The vice president has been clear that his campaign is really about the issue of global warming and we are currently evaluating whether or not to continue the training program after the UK, but he currently has no intention of running for office in 2008.” Next for Al Gore…