On Working with the Governor

Even before the independent comptroller panel deilvered its in-you-face-Sheldon-Silver list of three, Sheldon Silver’s members were rallying around his claim that the legislature can indeed pick whichever comptroller candidate they want and ignore the panel’s recommendations.

In a conversation yesterday that should serve as a preview for the kind of talk we’ll be hearing today, Bronx Assemblyman Ruben Diaz, Jr. told me that the duty to fill the comptroller vacancy belongs to the legislature in the same way that the responsibility for a U.S. Senate seat belongs to the governor.

“We want to work with the governor. Lets see if that’s the case should Ms. Clinton be president. Will he call together a panel from both houses to interview and fill that vacancy? So, we totally welcome his suggestions.”

He also made a point of reminding me that the legislature had (at least techically) agreed to work with the panel voluntarily. “We came to the table on this with Spitzer, and you people in the media never give us credit for that. Only Spitzer.”

I wonder, now that the panel has come up with a list that includes exactly zero legislators, how many members think that credit was worth it.

— Azi Paybarah On Working with the Governor