Our own people’s choice awards

A quick update on recent, particularly popular VSLs:

1. Judging by the number of VSL subscribers who clicked on the VIEW link, the video for Young@Heart’s rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You” is one of the most popular Very Short List picks ever. If you haven’t yet seen this simple, subdued, and very touching cover of the rock hit by an old fellow named Fred, click here.

2. The most popular recent VSL-beloved book? Our tally of the subscribers who clicked over to Amazon to buy it indicates that The Pentagram Papers is not only this month’s star, but the most popular book we’ve ever featured. It’s a collection of hidden-in-plain-view visual treasures unearthed by the legendary design firm Pentagram. Click here to read the original VSL e-mail.

3. The most popular recent DVD? Gabrielle, a rather stunningly intense Isabelle Huppert movie about a collapsing marriage. Click here to read the original VSL e-mail.

4. The most popular CD? Virtually tied for first place are Lorraine Hunt Lieberson Sings Peter Lieberson: Neruda Songs and Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective’s Wátina — two recordings so radically unlike each other (one’s classical, the other’s a mixture of Spanish, French, Carib, Arawak, and West African folk) that we’ll just point you to our original VSL e-mails here and here, through which you can stream sample tracks.

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