Real Estate Overheard: Uh, OK

The Real Estate has a new feature called Real Estate Overheard. It’s about those tidbits of real estate wit and wisdom you overhear in subways, on buses, at dinner parties, aboard airplanes, etc. If you do overhear anything about New York City real estate that you’d like to share with the world, please email us with all the details–where, when, what, who, etc. Please let us know if you’d like the email to be anonymous.

On the C train, late Thursday night, screaming northward under the Upper West Side:

Guy, walking through the train, passing out fliers about available apartments: “Anything you need.”

Guy with I-Pod, one earphone removed: “Anything? What?”

Guy passing out flier (a colorful sheet, with shots of individual rooms and information on rents): “Anything apartment. Any rental, sale, whatever. Whatever you want to do.”

Guy with I-Pod, taking a flier: “Uh, OK.”

– Tom Acitelli Real Estate Overheard:  Uh, OK