Reviewing Comptrollers Candidates

That didn’t take long. The trolling through public records of some the comptroller candidates is well underway.

One reader emailed to remind that Bill Mulrow is part of Excelsior, along with Richard Fields, a group that is bidding on the state’s horse-racing franchise. State-run gambling, as you can imagine, is an area the next comptroller will have to keep an eye on.

When asked if Mulrow’s candidacy may affect the group’s bid, Excelsior spokesperson Katie Burke emailed to say:

“No-if selected as Comptroller, Bill will resign entirely from the RFP process. And as far as Excelsior goes, his decision and announcement have no bearing on the future of the franchise. Excelsior was recommended by the Ad-Hoc Committee to take over, and Excelsior has full confidence that the Governor and the legislature will give the Committee’s recommendation the full weight it deserves.”

Expect more Google-based research on the lucky 19 18 for the next few days.

— Azi Paybarah Reviewing Comptrollers Candidates