Ron Burkle: I Won’t Question the Feds

Mike Sitrick, a spokesperson for Ron Burkle, just released a statement regarding the news that Jared Paul Stern will not be charged.

“The facts speak very clearly for themselves, as media reports on the contents of the tapes have demonstrated.

“Mr. Burkle followed the government’s instructions from the onset: From their directive that he record and they monitor the second meeting Mr. Stern had with him — where Mr. Stern repeated his request that Mr. Burkle pay him $100,000 up front and thereafter $10,000 monthly in exchange for Mr. Stern’s ‘efforts’ to stop the publication of false reports about Mr. Burkle on Page Six of the New York Post — to the government’s subsequent monitoring of a series of emails with Mr. Stern in which Mr. Burkle was given bank account information for wiring money to Mr. Stern — to now. Mr. Burkle didn’t question their decisions previously and he isn’t going to start doing so now.” Ron Burkle: I Won’t Question the Feds