Running with Family Money

State Senate candidate Craig Johnson may have the entire Democratic establishment supporting him, but to get his campaign off the ground, he and his father have loaned the campaign $90,000, a spokesman for the campaign confirmed.

It’s basically an infusion of start-up money to get the campaign off the ground ahead of an expected slew of fund-raisers.

The state parties are expected to spend considerable resources on this race, which could bring the Democrats one seat closer to taking the majority. According to the state Board of Elections [pdf], there are only two times these fast moving, high-spending, short-lived campaigns are going to disclose their finances on:

January 16, for a 21-day pre-Election filing, January 26, for an 11-day pre-Election filing, and on March 5, for a 27-day post-Election filing [updated].

— Azi Paybarah

Running with Family Money