So, I’m just thinking out loud, but I wonder how Alan Hevesi must be feeling nowadays with news that former governor George Pataki is granted 24-hour security by Eliot Spitzer.

Hevesi, who was the city comptroller when Rudy Giuliani and Mark Green was tackling mob-ruled businesses in New York City. Hevesi, not very effectively, claimed that necessitated security for not just him, but his wife.

Pataki was governor during the September 11th attacks, and its reasonable to assume whatever threat there was to New York that day extended to New York’s leaders. But as Andrew Cuomo famously asserted once, um, Pataki didn’t take a lead role that day.

So, in short: Hevesi gets no security and Pataki gets it round the clock.

What do you guys think?

— Azi Paybarah Security