Spitzer’s Spending, Leftovers

Eight days after being sworn in as governor, Eliot Spitzer’s campaign transferred $2,799.85 to the Bronx Democratic Trustees Committee, the only political organization to get a contribution, according to the latest campaign filings.

The Bronx is Spitzer’s home borough (Go Riverdale!) and is a power base for one of his political consultants, Roberto Ramirez. Ramirez’s former chief of staff was tapped by Spitzer to be the state’s Secretary of State.

Listed among “in-kind contributions” are more than $3,000 worth of services from the political action committee of DC37. The services were described as “printing” and “Election Day.”

The statement showed that the campaign had spent $2.7 million between December 1st and January 11th, and has $2.9 million left in the bank.

— Azi Paybarah

Spitzer’s Spending, Leftovers