Sweet (personalized!) nothings

We’ve always had a soft spot for wordy stunt foods such as Alpha-Bits and fortune cookies. Which is perhaps why we’re oddly excited by the fact that you can order personalized M&M’s — in red or pink or 15 other colors — with very brief custom-printed messages on them.

We’re telling you now in case you’re feeling both terse and romantic as Valentine’s Day looms (order today and they’ll show up by 2/14).

Part of the fun is graphically previewing your messages online and seeing what you can get away with (within 16 characters); request certain phrases and the killjoys at M&M’s issue an error message about how they won’t print “potentially offensive” stuff. So, like, I love Richard is fine — but only if you use Richard’s full given name.

Incidentally, we checked: Beat me and S&M’s are A-okay. As are Saddam Hussein and cute and insane. Go crazy.

“>BUY (or just preview) custom-printed M&M’s

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