The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

  • In the ongoing quest to find the city’s scariest bar, the NY Press heads to the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, where ice-less $3 cocktails and Tupperware Cheez Doodles are a reminder of what Brooklyn was like before Hollywood came. [NYP]
  • Who knew Canadian real estate had become so exceedingly ritzy? In Ontario, for example, a “legacy home” on the market for $45 million comes with 14 acres–not to mention a baseball diamond and private pebble beach. [Forbes]
  • But the real French speakers have the real real estate prices: The average price per square foot of Paris’ apartments is around $2,250*. (In other news: France says “non!” to non-chic megastores.) [Matrix]
  • *UPDATE: Our math was corrected (we kid you not) in an email from a former Goldman Sachs executive director: “Please note that 1 square meter = 10.76 square feet. Based on the correct conversion ratio, prices per square foot in Paris seem to be in line with New York.” Is that true? Can any Francophile mathematicians set us straight?

  • Rendering of the Week: Frank Gehry’s plan for the future United Arab Emirate Guggenheim is not your mother’s Upper East Side museum. Does the photo above look like haute, techy, post-post-modern glory–or a pile of rubble? [Dezeen]
  • Max Abelson The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday