The Haunting of Paul Wolfowitz. Why Stop With Him?

The LA Times honorably tries to get Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy DefSec, to cop to his grievous errors about Iraq. In an email, Wolfowitz offers the Times his usual garbage-excuse on why he can’t talk about it:

I would like nothing better than to be able to get involved in this debate [over Iraq]. I would particularly like to be able to clear the record of some of the garbage about myself personally, but if I start doing that, the people I work for would say, ‘You are not doing your job,

The guy’s whistling in the wind, hoping against hope that the World Bank will somehow eclipse Iraq in the world’s memory of him. It won’t. We can chisel the epitaph now: “the Iraqis will welcome us as liberators”. Wolfowitz should take a cue from McNamara, and start apologizing now, not thirty years on.

And the LATimes should extend its expiation services to all the other leaders who helped drag us into this disastrous war. How ’bout some journalists? The Haunting of Paul Wolfowitz. Why Stop With Him?