The Morning Read: Monday, January 22, 2007

2008 is off to an early start.

Hillary Clinton opened her campaign by talking about expanding federal health insurance.

A Daily News poll shows her winning big in New York City in a hypothetical match-up with Barack Obama.

Charlie Rangel is leaning towards supporting her.

Mark Penn says she’s not too polarizing to win nationally, and that her rivals are “stalled.”

If she wins, who’s going to take her seat?

State legislators from both parties take a stand for member items.

The legislature is starting the process of choosing between at least 18 potential replacements for Alan Hevesi.

Eliot Spitzer named a Pennsylvania official to oversee economic development upstate.

The Post looks at the use of campaign funds by lawmakers for “perks.”

Dicker says that the Spitzer administration is still asking George Pataki to justify the cost of a chartered jet that he used last month.

What once was a rivalry between Eliot Spitzer-Tom Suozzi is now shtick.

Before shipping off to Iraq, Damien Cave documented a day in the life of Christine Quinn.

Michael Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer are releasing a report recommending measures to keep finance jobs in New York, including placing a cap on punitive lawsuits and granting more visas to skilled immigrants.

Municipal unions don’t like the Bloomberg administration’s idea for voice-activated timesheets.

The mayor’s office buys wholesale.

Howard Kurtz looks into a story involving Hillary, Obama and unnamed sources.

Jonathan Alter compares Hillary to Bill.

And Jeffrey Goldberg looks at the White House Correspondents’ Association’s selection of Rich Little to entertain the president at this year’s dinner and asks, “Why not Nipsey Russell?”

— Josh Benson

The Morning Read: Monday, January 22, 2007