The Morning Read: Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Former city and state comptrollers may join a panel to screen comptroller candidates who would then be voted on by the state legislature.

Eliot Spitzer penned an op-ed saying that high taxes and cost of health insurance in New York can be reduced.

Spitzer reduced the price of phone calls for inmates.

Mike Bloomberg backed off his critique that legislators don’t have the skills to be CEO of a city.

Word that Joe Hynes will help Andrew Cuomo investigate Medicaid fraud gets the approval of Post editors.

Hillary Clinton said the country should move towards universal health care as soon as it reasonably can, while Arnold Schwarzenegger pushes ahead with it in California.

Democrats are seeking a way to block financing for the military in Iraq without appearing like they’re abandoning the soldiers already there.

Mitt Romney raised $6.5 million for his presidential exploratory committee.

And that weird smell may have come from New Jersey. There must be a punchline in there somewhere.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: Tuesday, January 9, 2007