The sweeter side of Sarah Silverman

You know Sarah Silverman as the cheerfully profane, childish, un-P.C. stand-up comic. Now, thanks to The Sarah Silverman Program (premiering 2/1), she’s also a sitcom star — which is annoying, because the show’s really funny and edgy and weird, so now there’s yet another Comedy Central series we’re compelled to watch. And who has the time? Sheesh.

Like Curb Your Enthusiasm, this show conflates reality with surrealistic sitcommunism. Sarah Silverman plays a character named Sarah Silverman who hangs out with her sister (Laura Silverman, her actual sister), her gay buddies Brian and Steve, and Officer Jay.

Naturally, she ends up in idiotic predicaments (she takes in a homeless guy; she finds herself in jail), but this Sarah Silverman is sweeter and goofier than the stand-up Sarah Silverman — which makes the un-P.C. moments and the trippy, Pee-wee Herman–esque daydream sequences even more shocking. And funny!

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