The Trip to New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton is heading to New Hampshire, a state she’s dutifully avoided for a coupe for years. Tickets for Hillary’s March 10 event are a rather modest $100.

She’ll draw huge crowds and lots of press, and inevitably, comparisons to Barack Obama. He visited the state a few months ago, and created such a spectacle, that NH Governor John Lynch joked Obama was a bigger draw than the Rolling Stones.

But the comparison’s between the two visits are, um, little premature D.C.-based consultant Mark Mellman, who is not associated with any candidate, told me. “I remember Steve Forbes generated huge crowds in Iowa, and he came in fourth,” Mellman. “The size of the crowd doesn’t mean a whole lot at this stage.”

“The question for her is does she connect with that crowd.”

“There is not a comparison that should be made, but there is a comparison that will be made,” Mellman said.

— Azi Paybarah The Trip to New Hampshire