Today in Mediabistro Corrections

Correction to items written today by Dylan Stableford on Mediabistro’s ‘Fishbowlny’, an oddly named New York media blog.

1. Is Page A2 of the New York Times really that funny?, Dylan asked of the Times‘ advertisement of a chuckling fellow holding open the paper. Caption: “Darfur? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Actually, A2 carries the News Summary, corrections, editors notes, and “for the records,” not news about international genocide.

2. Dylan takes note of a publicity email he received from the New York Daily News about the escalation of Ben Widdicombe’s gossip column to 5 days a week. “We like to think of Widdicome as the Owen Wilson to our Luke, at least on the media party circuit. This well-meaning Daily News flack apparently agrees,” he writes, and then reprints an email from said flack, in which Dylan is asked to consider “booking” Ben Widdicombe on his “show.”

Actually, Ben Widdicombe is the Owen Wilson to Dylan’s Carnie Wilson.

Fishbowlny regrets the errors. Today in Mediabistro Corrections