Two Comments That Didn’t Get In, Re Free Speech and Jew-Hatred

Sorry writers and readers, I’m still trying to get up to speed on comment problems.

Here are 2 guys who couldn’t be hear thru normal channels. The first was in response to the issue of censoring comments, something I just started doing.

Phil: I agree with KoboldBlew. I know it’s just another piece of drudgery to have to monitor babies like those who spew hate here in yr comments threads & elsewhere on the web. But you really need to do it for the rest of us who’re interested in both what you have to say & what intelligent folk on either side of the debate have to say.

I believe in free speech. But hate speech either against groups or individuals doesn’t deserve the same respect.”

Richard Silverstein

Tikun Olam
(And I urge readers to look at Richard’s latest, on a favorable review of Carter’s book by Yossi Beilin)

And this was from Brad, responding to my statement about wanting to have it out with the neocons, within the Jewish community. His post follows the last one there now, Beth Waterberg’s comment mocking me:

Dear God, Phil – Seriously – Have you lost your senses?
It’s one thing to critique Israeli policy, it’s another thing to actively foster the type jew hatred that was predominant in the 30’s and 40’s.

I’m not writing this to be rude. I’m seriously concerned.
I am a liberal Jew who does not subscribe to AIPAC and has worked for years to build bridges with Arabs and work for a 2-state solution, so don’t write this off as the rantings of an angry right-wing zionist.
Working towards a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not require one to parrot David Duke and Pat Buchanan.


Two Comments That Didn’t Get In, Re Free Speech and Jew-Hatred