Weaver Twists the Knife

John McCain’s chief strategist says he can’t get over the publication this morning of an incredible Giuliani campaign document that was apparently lost by one of Rudy’s operatives and obtained, inconveniently enough for the former mayor, by Ben Smith of the Daily News.

“There is nothing in there that is particularly surprising to me other than the nature by which it became public,” said John Weaver, a senior advisor to McCain.

Referring to Giuliani’s private sector business, Weaver said, “I thought it was a security company.”

About the major donors listed as targets in the document who have since signed on with McCain, he said, “Senator McCain is honored that so many key fund-raisers and activists are encouraging him to run, and they would be at the top of the list for anyone running for president, whether it be McCain, Giuliani, Romney, whoever. We feel both fortunate and honored that they have chosen us.”

The primary lesson, according to Weaver: “Don’t put pen to paper.”

The detailed plan was, according to Ben’s exclusive account in the Daily News, obtained from “a source sympathetic to one of Giuliani’s rivals for the White House.”

— Jason Horowitz Weaver Twists the Knife