Wit and Wisdom of Chuck Schumer (UPDATED)

chuck%20book2.JPGChuck Schumer, politician, campaign guru and fund-raiser extraordinaire, is now also officially an author.

From “Positively American,” the senator’s 270-page offering which is scheduled to show up in stores later this month, we’ll get his take on the Democratic Party’s appeal and the Supreme Court, among other things.

Schumer has said that he is not satisfied with the Democratic takeover of the Senate that he helped engineer this year, and is offering a strategy in this book for attracting middle class families who are not committed to either major political party.

Schumer was at first reluctant about taking on the head job at the DSCC, but has said that he did so in part because of the lasting impact that a GOP-led Congress could have had by appointing more conservatives to the Supreme Court.

— Jason Horowitz

UPDATE: After being made aware by the Schumer people of certain embargo details, we’ve re-posted this item without some quotes and details that were in the original. The official publication date is Jan. 23. Wit and Wisdom of Chuck Schumer (UPDATED)