Adding and Subtracting Names on East Side

City Hall News has a wrap-up of the East Side Assembly race I, and you, have been obsessing over.

Among the names the paper adds to the mix is former City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, who “would have a free ride to the Democratic nomination if he wanted it, has not closed the door entirely.” On the Republican Side, City Hall News floats the names of Nick Viest, who ran for City Council there and lost; and Joel Zinberg, the doctor with a law degree who lost his Council race to Jessica Lappin.

But most interesting is the line the departing Assemblyman Pete Grannis, who said he doesn’t think his own chief of staff, Tony Morenzi, will enter the race.

“For his part, Grannis said he will probably back a candidate eventually, and–though he believes Morenzi will pass on the race–would probably back his chief of staff in the race.”

— Azi Paybarah

Adding and Subtracting Names on East Side