August 7, 2000

Winners   Losers




The Union County State Senator looks like he's King of the World right now. When Bob Torricelli entered the 2001 gubernatorial race, Lesniak didn't flinch and worked 24/7 to secure support for his candidate, Jim McGreevey. He is clearly the most powerful Democrat in New Jersey today.


The Democratic political consultant might rival Rudy Garcia for Loser of the Millennium honors. He wrote a scathing letter attacking Jim McGreevey's record on racial issues, while Bob Torricelli was still in the race. Fields will have much trouble securing clients in the future.




The State Senate Minority Leader held firm for Jim McGreevey and helped keep Sharpe James on board. Codey has become one of Essex County's most powerful politicians, and could emerge as the party's candidate for County Executive in 2002.


The powerful South Jersey political leader led the charge to draft Bob Torricelli for Governor and is now left searching for an alternative candidate to take on an uphill fight.




The Secaucus attorney and political leader engineered the switch of Hudson County from Bob Torricelli to Jim McGreevey, even though the major powers in the county were ready to endorse Torricelli. When the dust settled, Scarinci, Bob Menendez's best friend, emerged as Hudson County's top political operative.


Bob Torricelli's top political operative was poised to return to Trenton as New Jersey's most powerful insider, but now he'll stay in Washington, and after the 2000 elections, leave politics to run a non-profit group.




The powerful head of a major law firm had put all their eggs in the McGreevey basket, and for a while it looked like the investment would be for naught. Now DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick and Gluck are back in the game.


The Bergen County Democratic Chairman was caught playing both sides in the gubernatorial contest. Ferriero is now in hot water with Bergen Democrats, with whom Bob Torricelli has always been wildly popular, and is leadership post is clearly in jeopardy.




Democratic political consultants Steve DeMicco and Brad Lawrence pushed hard for McGreevey, their client, and now represent the front runner for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.


The former Democratic State Senator from Morris County had his 15-minutes of fame when he helped convince Bob Torricelli to run for Governor. Now he'll go back into political obscurity.

August 7, 2000